Stone Circle of Friends
About The Stone Circle of Friends

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The Stone Circle of Friends was formed by volunteers in April 2007 when the two Stone boys were diagnosed.  By 2011, we were able to donate nearly $500,000 to the MMD research lab at the University of Virginia– thanks to the concern and great generosity of our family, old friends and the many new friends we have met on our journey.

We have now joined the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation in order to strengthen our forces, expand our resources, and to help fund a  wider variety of research. Please visit the MDF by going online to

    Fortunately, due to recent research discoveries, we will likely be the first generation in history to witness a breakthrough for MMD. This is an exciting time to get on board. A cure is near. Join us to help make a change in the lives of at least 40,000 Americans and even more people worldwide.

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