Stone Circle of Friends
"Karma Claus" Day at Bikram Yoga!

    BikramOn December 24th, Celebrate the spirit of giving at Bikram Yoga!! This Christmas Eve morning both studios will host a festive holiday class for free to anyone who makes a donation to MMD research.

    BoysMany of you may know Edibell Stone, she has been practicing at Bikram for about five years. Early in 2007, Edibell's sons Nicholas (9) and Elliott (7) were diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. This genetic disease causes a progressive wasting of the muscles in the face, neck, hands and feet and of internal organs, including the brain, heart, lungs and gastrointestinal system.   At this time, there is no treatment or cure.
    Fortunately, due to recent research discoveries, it is very likely that our generation will be the first in history to witness a breakthrough for MMD. This is an exciting time to get on board. A cure is near. Please join us in expediting this promising research!

If you cannot make the class but would like to contribute, you can make a tax deductible donation online or at the studio using check or cash. By donating, you will have the great honor to appear on the Stone Circle of Friends Karma list!

It will be a festive class and we will have a few surprises!!! So...please come and YOU can be a "Karma Claus" for Edibell's kids and family!"Santa

Thank you in advance for your generosity and good will.
Happy Holidays!!!

                      Our Karma Claus List

Bill Lacy
Beth Noonan
Garland Hume
Mary Michelle Rabena Libbie Robertson Tighe Antrim
Kara & Sam Wood Dawn Boyd
Mary Kate Stein
Beverly Cochran Kelly Duncan
Janeen Morris
Michelle Pfeiffer
Lynn Lacy Lewis Jacque McClenney-Wallace
Michelle Aubertin Jenelle Stahlke Chris Durand
David Pendlebury Julie Behne
Morgan Blake
Lauren Larsen
Amanda Strelzik Sloan Smith
 Dennine Michel Emily Newton  Fannie Mallonee
Caroline Lewis
Emmie Lacy
Rose Lewis
Marilyn Pendlebury Jessica Powell
Sherry Moran
Marcia McGonagle
Martha Harlan
Kate Crowther
Jennifer Greenburg
Molly Pierce
...Andre Wilson
Logan Fields
Cody Griswold
Ashley Stoner
Briah Hodal
Cal Jennison
Amanda Aghdami
Ann Stoever
Gretchen Straughan
Amy Hess
Dan Sheehan
Tracy Schrage
Jayne Randall
Payton Mallonee
Annie Publow
Wendy Daniel
Carrie Johnstone
Mark Gordon
Alison Feehan
Josie Davis
Duke Grkovic
Lissa Greenlee
Laura Beckner
Heather Barrar
Teresa Villazon
Robert Lipscomb
Angie Calcaterra
Frank Easterly
Kelly Murray
Becky Merrick
Rahikya Wilson
Hunter Stockton
Tara Sims
Aisha Johnson
Danielle Edgley
Peggy Puryear
Hannah Buckley
Courtney Carrell
Ann Turner
Patti Howle
Susan Pupa
Mary Sue Donahue
Renee Bullano
Suzanne McWilliams
Cynthia Lotze
...Theresa Adams
Alyssa Adams
H Justin
Jason Pruett
Farouk Chaabi
Brandon Jones
Michelle Hylton-Jones
Sue Rockwell
Mary Brown
Jody Wetherill
Lisa Taggart
Katherine Meyersohn
Anita Gowda
Masha Bitterman-Siladin
Mary Devine
Karen McCandlish
Amy Ciarametaro
Caron Sinnenberg
Rose Ann Golden
Leigh Glatt
Elizabeth Layne
Mark Bladergroen
Melissa Gay
Jeff Covino
Terri Quinan
Zsuzsanna Emodi
Alice Meisel
Stephanie Regali
Annabel Worthington
Sheela Jones
Missy Marcacci
Mitra Jabbar
Janeen Wall
Annette Web
Grant Riley
Lorraine DuVernay
Alicia Soekawa
Fred Greene
Stephanie Lowery
Aliyah Bacchus
Scott McKay
Wade Marsh
Kara Adams
Dean Simpson
Melissa Hedlund
Gilbert Sharpe
Pam Hume
-Mary Devine Kim McFadden
Lisa Chadderdon Laura Sainsbury Meredith Kirchner
Carolyn Morgan