Stone Circle Of Friends
Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy

SCF Runners Inspire their Families and Friends to Donate Over $6,800 to MMD Research!

Lady Runners
Richards Run
Richard's inspirational story was part of the runner's packet and if you click on him, you can read about how his niece's recent MMD diagnosis has changed his life for the better.

Anna and Mom
 Anna completed the kids run and was greeted at the finish line with tears of joy from many family members. Anna's story will be featured in Skirt! Magazine in the January issue!

A huge thanks to 3Sports for generously sponsoring the runners' with shirts. Many MMD conversations were happening on the course as a result!
2009 GalaChildrens Museum
Saturday, April 25

The Silent Auction Committee is doing an excellent job of obtaining items for the gala... The creative theme team and table designers are beginning their work to transform the Children's Museum to an Early Hollywood/ Art Deco feast... Please save the date now... we are planning to celebrate our efforts again this year and would love to have you there! Please email me if your mailing information has changed.


Are you in Facebook? We just joined and it feels like we just joined the human race... It is very fun and sooooo many people are in it! "Stone Circle of Friends" is one of the causes listed. We would love to be listed on your profile... and help us expand our Circle. In 2 weeks we have added over 130 new members... we hope to continue growing and hopefully hold fun events/ functions such as happy hours, raffles, and Circle gifts to help raise awareness and funds in any amount. If you are on it look us up, if you are not consider joining just to list us by clicking on the logo.
Dr. Mahadevan Pioneers a New Course with SRI to Find Compounds to benefit MMD treatment.

Mani headshot Giles Stone of Harrisonburg, Va. has brought two big players to the table.

Dr. Mahadevan
of UVA and SRI International a bio-pharmaceutical company which focuses on new drug development for orphan illnesses.
SRI International
will  search for compounds targeting specific MMD sites.

The Mind in MMD

Child in MMD
 It is hard to explain the MMD mind to teachers, friends and family. "Why can't they look at others in the eye? And why are they so tired? Are they lazy, uninterested, apathetic, spoiled?"

"They seem fine... they can walk and run around the school and in the playground? Why can't they pay attention today, they were fine yesterday? ...Mrs. Stone has just gotten them used to one on one learning and now they can't learn in the classroom?"

I could go on...  At last, I have found an article which answers these questions beautifully, and I have been carrying my copy with me as a comfort and validation of our work with the boys. Please read the article by clicking on the link below...

What is Todd Doing???


Todd and his friend Randy Blythe, lead vocalist for the Metal group "Lamb of God", are auctioning off his Grammy Nomination Medallion and certificate on eBay. The funds will go to The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation, to support MMD research.

You can go to
starting in late January 2009 to bid or click on the medallion above. The band is touring North America all this month. A Grammy is a difficult item to part with...

Thank you Randy!

Thanks for Giving