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Fall 2009
Dear supporter,

Buddy Ball  We have been working "behind the scenes" to restructure The Stone Circle of Friends so that we can have a greater impact on the research for Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. We are looking forward to again actively holding events to increase awareness and funds for our important cause, starting in 2010.

  Thank you for those of you who have given consistently in any amount and for folks that have offered to help with fundraising activities in the future. We are still taking donations so if you have a few or more dollars to spare please consider giving to expedite a cure for MMD.

The Stone Circle of Friends Continue to Push the Research Forward!

  Giles and Donna Stone and their hard working volunteers held a "Blue Grass Fund Raiser" at the Stone Barn inBlue Grass Fund Raiser Harrisonburg, Va. They raised over $30,000 which he will donate to UVA's MMD Lab. The party was attended by over 200 guests... who braved the torrential rain-- over 400 people contributed to the cause.

  Edibell and Todd about and the boys helped produce a TV program for Henrico County Muscular DystrophyHCTV-17 which is airing on Channel 17 this week, November 16th through 22nd.

National Institutes of Health  Edibell and Todd will be speaking again in Washington DC at the end of this month to the National Institute of Health. The NIH is the primary source of funding of MMD research.

  The Stone Circle co-sponsored Rick Guidotti, a well known New York ex fashionPositive Exposure photographer who started Positive Exposure a non profit committed to people with genetic differences. By taking exceptional photographs, Rick helps us to redefine what is beautiful in our culture. We will be able to use these photographs in our printed materials to increase advocacy efforts. Also, Rick has many gallery exhibits and Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy will be included. Rick was able to photograph many children and adults who attended the family MMD conference in California this October. His work is transforming to to both the subject and the viewer.

In just two years...
  • You have donated close to $400,000 directly to MMD research!Mani headshot
  • You have made it possible for Dr. Mahadevan to hire 3 new lab assistants.
  • You have made it possible for the lab to have access to large databases of compounds that could reduce and even eradicate the ill effects of the extra RNA present in MMD.
  • You have made it possible for gene therapy research to occur on a continuos basis by employing a full time Ph.D. on board who specializes on Congenital MMD, which kills one quarter of the most affected newborns.
  • You have brought about experiments that were previously on the back burner. Because the lab can now conduct these studies they are better able to seek funding from other sources, such as the National Institute of Health and The Muscular Dystrophy Association.PCR machine
  • You have purchased new and essential equipment, a PCR machine and ultra low freezer, to improve lab efficiency.

  • You have inspired the researchers, letting them know that their work matters--bridging the gap between science and people.

 This Thanksgiving we are grateful to you and the difference you have made in the lives of many families with MMD.

Edibell and Todd Stone