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Dear Mani,

Many good things are happening....
Children's Hospital of Richmond Presents Spirit of Advocacy Award to Todd and Edibell.
This award is given annually to parents who have been strong advocates for their children . We received this award for raising awareness and funds for Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. The hospital gifted $300.00 to the Stone Circle of Friends, made a press release, and will feature our story in a number of their publications.
The Stone Circle of Friends is an official 501 (C) (3) Non-profit!!
Thanks to Giles Stone (Papa) we will act as a subgroup of The Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy Foundation that he has established in Harrisonburg. The Stone Circle of Friends can now function more independently and accept donations that are tax deductible.
In Sept. Todd attended the International MMD Conference in Milan and the National Conference in Los Angeles.  These two conferences were an excellent opportunity to meet others who are also very invested in finding a  medical breakthrough for MMD. The Milan biannual conference provides an opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas, collaborate in their investigations, and present their research findings. The L.A. Conference was geared more towards affected families. It was a wonderful opportunity for Todd to personally meet and connect with others with whom he has gotten to "know" via phone and Email. He was able to video many of the families so we can provide more educational footage in our films of how this illness can devastate a family. 
We recently received a very generous donation from the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation, in the name of Sture Olsson a late friend and patient of Dr. Eddy Pizzani.
Shirley Olsson made a $25,000 contribution to the UVA Health Foundation for Dr. Mahadevans' MMD research. Bringing the total funds contributed by the Stone Circle of Friends to a grand total of $188,000. Wow!!!!
Many Projects are on the Way...
 Edibell is on week #4 of her yoga are still welcomed to pledge, any amount is great . On the Last day of the challenge, Saturday October 27 at 10am, there will be a Pack the House for a Cure held by Bikram Yoga of Richmond, at their west-end studio. If you would like to see 60+ people doing yoga in 107 degrees please drop in. The support from the studio has been overwhelming and if the cameras can stand the heat we shall make the news. Either way, we are making history.
Also, Tuckahoe Elementary School is getting ready for the Coins for a Cure Project, in which the children will donate coins collected throughout the school year. Shayne Gordon and Meg Bryant are very busy stenciling all 500 jars while Emmie Lacy and Maggie Stuart are working on placing our logo stickers on 500 lids! Suntrust has generously agreed to count the coins for us, at no cost. Papa Stone has agreed to match the funds! Wow!!!!!
Sian Byron has been knitting scarves since April  07 when we got the diagnosis. She is donating her time and beautiful wool from her home in Wales. She will be selling them at 5807 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, all funds will go to MMD research.
Todd and Edibell are working on an educational pamphlet to help undiagnosed adults and their doctors learn about MMD symptoms. In particular, it will be aimed to inform adults in their childbearing years. Like Edibell, there are adults with few or no symptoms that will have very affected children if MMD is not rule out.
Lisa Martin, Maria Jancowski and Edibell are planing our big event/Gala for the evening of Saturday April 5th, our 1 year anniversary. It will be great to have all of our friends under one roof, enjoying a great dinner, music and dance. We are fortunate to have the Honorable Tim Kaine as a special guest. We have a great deal to celebrate. So save the date!
Holiday Offer from W. Hirsch Oriental Rugs
Sally and Bill Hirsch have a beautiful store in Carytown with an amazing array of rugs, fine furniture, Tiffany style lamps, and home accessories. They also offer cleaning, repairs and appraisals of rugs. They will donate 10% of purchases to The Stone Circle of Friends in the months of October and November. If you wish to shop there simply print this email and present it at the time of purchase.
On a more personal note,I want to tell you about our boys....Nicholas and Elliott continue to fight the many symptoms of MMD on a daily basis. Despite their challenges they are happy, they maintain a sense of humor, and continue to treat others with love. This past week,Nicholas was fitted for leg and ankle braces  as he is getting weaker in his lower extremities. We are very proud of their perseverance and positive attitude. I believe that when this illness is arrested in some form, they will have developed a tremendous fighting spirit and a true sense of what really matters in life.
Thank you for your continued interest, love and support. You are making a huge difference....and we are just getting started. 

With great gratitude,

Edibell and Todd Stone
Stone Circle Of Friends -Cure MMD
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