Dear friends and family,

We are excited to start our second year of helping families with MMD have hope for the future of their children. 
Your generosity last year was spectacular, and I hope that you can join us again in supplementing the funding for Dr. Mahadevan's lab at the University of Virginia. Thanks to you, Mani's lab is better equipped than ever before and he will have 3 new lab assistants by this November!

 Shortly after receiving the following email from Mani I had the pleasure of visiting the lab and meeting one of his new post - docs, Shagufta. I was also able to see the new equipment they will be using for therapeutic investigations.Mani wrote:

 "Things are going fine in the lab.  I think I might have told you that Ramesh Yadava got a grant from MDA that will provide support for him for the next three years.  That's great news because now Ramesh can spend most of his time focusing on developing therapeutics.  Also, I have hired three new people in the last couple of months.  Two of them have now joined the lab.  One is a post-doc from India who joined the lab on Aug 1st.  Her name is Shagufta.  The other fellow is a recent undergraduate from UVA who is very smart and has lab experience.  He will help us move some projects forward quicker.  His name is Ahmad and he will probably be with us for the next 12 to 18 months.  The third person is a post-doc coming from India as well.  He will be here by November hopefully.  There are two reasons I  have been able to hire these people; one is Ramesh's grant allows me to hire someone else with the money we save on our current grant.  The other is the money you have raised.  This has given me the confidence to take a few chances in hiring new people."

Our sons continue to fight this illness daily and as you know it's progression is inevitable at this time. Please help us again this year to win this very winnable fight. 
Edibell and Todd Stone
2008 Summer Events. Thanks for being there!
National Institutes of Health

Presentation to the NIH -This June we had the great opportunity to speak to the National Institute of Health (NIH) on behalf of families with MMD. I must say we (mostly Todd and his film making) did a fantastic job and were able to stir the committee's interest towards helping to fund promising research for MMD.  Our presentation was followed by a Charles Thorton, MD from Rochester New York  who's work  further supports that a cure is close and funds are crucial to continue on this path. Also, it was important to us to show the panel that there are at least 2 newly formed organizations, The Stone Circle of Friends and The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF) that are paying attention to their decisions.

Bob Battle & Brett Leake
put on a night of laughter at Infuzion Ice Bar this past June. Both comedians raised awareness of MMD and shared inspiration; Brett has muscular dystrophy, and as he notes he is stronger today than he will be tomorrow... "life is about today". Bob arranged and coordinated the entire event which raised a good amount for Mahadevan's research at UVA.

In July we hosted a Latin Party, with Son Cuatro! It was well attended and lots of fun. Great Latin food, drinks and dancing. We also were able to donate funds to research from this event.Thank you to the large number of volunteers and Malabar restaurant who donated the delicious Jasmine rice.

All Saints Episcopal ChurchUkrop's Golden Gift Certificate Program -Thanks to your many donations of your Golden Gift Points, we were granted $1,225  for MMD research. Every certificate made a difference. Please keep us in mind for next year.

Kathy Sharer- In a spectacular show of creativity and compassion Kathy Sharer contacted Canadian cartoonist, Lynn Johnston, author of For Better or for Worse (comic strip). Kathy shared about the Stone Circle and our efforts. We received a nice letter in return and we hope many blessings will come from this connection.
2008 Upcoming Event:  Richmond Half Marathon and Marathon Runners form an "MMD team" to raise funds and awareness!!!
Richmond Marathon
Anne Searles, Holly Vinson, Kate Thompson, Miriam Tice, Sara Martin, Marilyn Pendlebury, Megan Smith and Richard Honzo are running to crush MMD!!!!!

Please consider pledging... even a little bit and even if you don't know the runner... to encourage and support all of us in making a difference to the research. To pledge ... SCF Runners

 Saturday April 25, 2009 Gala
Hosted at The Children's Museum
Childrens Museum
Preparations are beginning...with many of our same committees members and volunteers from last year, so if you enjoyed last year's event you will not be disappointed. Please join us for a great time to give this illness a powerful setback by helping us raise lots of funds- 100% going to research. We raised over $80,000 last year... I would love to break $100,000. Will you help us? Please tell your friends and family, we can do it while having a great time!!!
Check us out!! Skirt! Magazine
 September Issue

Edibell @ Skirt
Skirt! magazine is a new publication in Richmond and can be found outside of most Ukrop's stores in a bright green newstand. They heard of our efforts through one of our supporters and published an article about my thoughts... They asked me to list my "5 rules for living." I based most of my answers on my yoga practice (most of you know about my love for Bikram Yoga). So check it out and if you would like send a letter or email to the publisher. This will help us extend our exposure and raise further awareness. Thanks! 

Thanks for your continued support. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity send me an email or call 804-467-9998.


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