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FamilyDear supporter,

It has been three years since we received the news of our diagnosis and we  continue to be amazed by your generosity, friendship and support.

 This year we chose not to have our biggest annual fundraiser, our MMD Gala. We are in the process of reorganizing our infrastructure so that we can keep up with our many fund-raising ideas.  Establishing our Board of Directors and Event Committees will make it easier for us to continue our work.

Our need for funding still remains. The diagnosis has not changed, the illness still affects our boys daily, and of course it affects our entire family daily. We have met other families with the same diagnosis who are also struggling and hoping for a therapy or cure. Your contributions are still badly needed to help us move forward.

Mike Hamlin's Miles for Muscles is a great opportunity for you to contribute in any amount that is comfortable for you.Miles for Muscles Mike has become a friend over the past year. Although Mike has MMD that is progressing, he has organized a team to ride in the infamous Sea Gull Century Ride. Please consider giving generously. 100% of the money raised with go to Dr. Mahadevan's research team at the University of Virginia MMD lab.

Thank you for all that you have given,

Todd and Edibell Stone

2010 Main Event!

Join or Sponsor Mike Hamlin in the
Miles for Muscles Ride

October 9, 2010

Visualize this scene... You are riding your bike with your family and friends, for 100 miles in a beautiful beach setting, on flat roads, Seagull Centurytowards the Atlantic Ocean in the early fall...while helping the world be a better place? Would you like to train for such a ride with us?

Or if it is not even a remote possibility would you sponsor a rider? For ANY amount?

Miles for Muscles will be one of the many teams at the Sea Gull Century Ride in Salisbury, Maryland.

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Mike Hamlin
Mike Hamlin is a rider with tremendous focus. A once avid cyclist, he is now training for this ride. Mike has MMD and he feels it.

He faces challenges as his upper body and torso muscles, coordination, and stamina diminished, but he gains tremendous strength from  the amazing support of people like you.  For the next generation, he rides for a cure for MMD.

Mike is training now and will be on his recumbent trike doing his best to ride with the Miles for Muscles team across the finish line in October.

This is not about speed, it is about determination and great rewards. Anyone is welcome to ride.

You can help him and all MMD families cross the finish line--please join him and or donate now.

Stone Boys
Early Spring 2010
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Boys 2010
Nicholas and Elliott are amazing to me. They are able to enjoy life despite their increasing limitations. Their short spurts of energy show me their inner quest for adventure and their love for life.

Recently, a friend and photographer, Lucky Judd shot some pictures of the boys in our new neighborhood near the lake. As a gift to us he compiled the pictures, added music and created a slide show.

If you are wondering about them, this slide tells it all.
Irish Festival 2010
March 22, 2010
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Irish Fest 2010
What fun!!! This year we were once again invited to serve food to the tremendous crowds that attend this very fun festival.

We had numerous volunteers that made this task very enjoyable as well as efficient. Last year the festival donated generously to MMD research for our work. This year the donation was even greater, $7500!!! directly to MMD research--for us, it doesn't get any better than that!

Thank you to all who volunteered!

Emily Lacy, Kara Adams, Ara Duszak, Kara Nance, Kara & Samuel Wood, Mary & Dean Simpson, Jennifer Medley, John Ramey, David Reams, Amy Rolley, Jessie Rolley, Jenney Rolley, Thomas Wildberger, Amanda McGhee, Sheela Shrestha, Jacque Cherry, Hillary & Larry Hogan, Claire Cardwell, Kirsten Burt, Grant Kibler, Ambrosia Mosby, Michael Herring

 Please give.

Having this illness provides our community with an opportunity to make life better for many many people who are suffering.

 Kids in glassesWhen MMD children grow up, these disabled young adults will find that the world is not as comfortable or as safe as they once believed. For these young adults with multiple disabilities the future can seem bleak,  further separating them from mainstream society.

I know parents in their eighties with adult children with MMD, who at times wish to outlive them, in fear of what will become of them. Who will care for them?

We can change this dark picture by continuing to fund treatment options. I am asking you dearly for your continued support.

MMD is the most common form of adult Muscular Dystrophy, and second most common in children.

Please give in any amount to Mike Hamlin's Miles for Muscles team--It means the world to us.

With great gratitude and hope for the future,
Edibell Stone
Stone Circle Of Friends