A Very Good Night for MMD Research & an Exciting 2008 in the Works!
May 1, 2008
 Dear Friend,Gala dancing

  We hope you were among the 350 people who were able to attend this year's Gala. It was truly a perfect night in many ways! We raised  a lot of funds for the research while having a great deal of fun. The presentation was also very special as it brought together key advocates and researchers who were able to describe this very winnable fight against MMD.

Gala Buffet   Total amount raised after expenses was @ $80,000 and donations are still coming in..... See the film and pictures on the Events  page on our web site. There are many good pictures which you can download and print. With great gratitude, love, and hope for the future,
  Edibell and Todd Stone
ManiSCF donates $82,000  to Dr. Mahadevan's lab.

The funds were raised by your generous donations for the MMD Gala Night. At this time, donations by the Stone Circle to the lab total  $300,000.  Thank you for making this night and first year such a success! We hope you will return next year as we are already planning another great gala- you will not be disappointed.
The easiest way to give!!!
Don't miss this Golden opportunity-  When you recieve your golden gift points in the mail this week mail them to us at:

Stone Circle of Friends
8101 Lower  Ralston Court
Richmond, Virginia 23229
When I turn them in to Ukrops, they will donate to MMD research. Tell everyone you know...The more the better!!!   Thank you.
Ellwood ThompsonEllwood Thompson's Local Market
 5% day for Stone Circle will be Saturday, May 17th.
Simply shop at Ellwood on this day and they will donate 5% of your purchase to MMD research. Volunteers will be bagging groceries and wearing our Stone Circle T-shirts. If you can help we will be glad to put you and your friends to work on a shift. Contact Edibell.
Brett Leake, a frequent guest  on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, will be donating a night of laughter for the Stone Circle. 
On Wednesday June 11th, venue to be determined. Brett is in high demand and it is truly a privilege to have him as our guest. See his website www.BrettLeake.com and you will understand the magnitude of this event. Bob Battle, a local attorney and comedian will be also appearing with Brett. Thanks to Bob we are able to bring you this show.
  Tickets can be purchased on our website for $50.00 each under Events and on our home page. Your tickets are 100% tax deductible. You may purchase dinner and drinks at your discretion.
Knights of ColumbusLatin Party/ Fiesta Colombiana Saturday, July 19th 7:30- Midnight.
I am a bit biased but I love Latin parties because people dance ALL night from beginning to end and there is always great food and drinks. We have an absolutely amazing band donating their talent and time-Son Cuatro, led by John Acevedo.The venue is also donated by the Knights of Columbus. Tickets are available on our website under Events and on our home page.They are $40.00 per person. 100% goes to the research!
All Saints Episcopal Church All Saints Episcopal
Todd and I had the pleasure of speaking at All Saints Episcopal Church about MMD and the Stone Circle. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness and discuss the many issues associated with loss and perseverance. We showed our latest film and had an open discussion with questions. Todd and I would love to talk to any group interested in learning more. Please keep us in mind if your are looking for speakers for your organizations.
Coins 4 a Cure  Coins for a Cure Project
 Is coming to a close. On Friday May 2nd we will be counting the change collected by the children of TES which will be donated to research for several childhood diseases, MMD being one of them. We will keep you posted on our progress. It has been very touching for the children to contribute and many parents have been moved by the sheer generosity of their children. It is very nice to see.
 New Legislation that opens doors to folks with genetic Illnessess- This is GREAT!!!!

Senate Legislation Bars Employers From Firing Based on Genetic Tests
Associated Press April 24, 2008 3:04 p.m.

   WASHINGTON -- The Senate has passed legislation to bar insurance companies and employers from discriminating against people based on genetic testing. People learning through genetic testing that they might be susceptible to devastating diseases wouldn't also have to worry about losing their jobs or their health insurance, under the legislation. The 95-0 Senate vote sends the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act back to the House, which could approve it early next week. President Bush supports the legislation.
    The bill, described by Sen. Edward Kennedy as "the first major new civil rights bill of the new century," would bar health insurance companies from using genetic information to set premiums or determine enrollment eligibility. Similarly, employers could not use genetic information in hiring, firing or promotion decisions.
    "For the first time we act to prevent discrimination before it has taken firm hold and that's why this legislation is unique and groundbreaking," said Sen. Olympia Snowe (R., Maine), who sponsored the Senate bill with Sens. Kennedy (D., Mass.), and Mike Enzi (R., Wyo.). There are more than 1,100 genetic tests available today, she said, but these are "absolutely useless" if fear of discrimination discourages people from taking tests or participating in clinical trials.
    Genetic testing could lead to early, lifesaving therapy for a wide range of diseases with hereditary links such as breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Parkinson's disease.
    "But right now the ability to realize those goals is somewhat limited" because of patients' fears that the information will be used against them, said David Herrington, a professor of cardiology at Wake Forest University and spokesman on genetic issues for the American Heart Association. The legislation "will help them both be more willing to participate in research and avail themselves of the benefits of genetic testing."

Copyright © 2008 Associated Press
Giles Stone Creates MMD Awareness and Continues to Raise Research Funds in Harrisonburg, Va.

Giles Stone
  The Daily News Record reports of his recent fundraisers at Outback Steakhouse and Pump It Up. Giles has also developed a good relationship with SRI, a new biotechnology company who has developed countless compounds to help with orphan illnesses. Governor Kaine has been a big supporter and advocate of SRI in Virginia. See article on our website, under news.
The ONLY Clinical Trial for MMD in the world is being conducted by a Richmond Company called Insmed.
A medicine called Iplex , has shown to help with some symptoms by building muscle and improving cognitive functioning. It will be tested throughout the United States at different hub locations. The above legislation helps to improve the chances that people will participate without fear of discrimination by their insurance companies. If you have MMD and would like to consider participating see our Home Page under Iplex Study. Edibell will be going to Johns Hopkins for a screening on May 23rd.

Boys and Ellie
During the holidays, Elliott and Nicholas  received a 2 pound puppy, named Ellie. I have to say that Todd and I hesitated knowing the responsibility and care that puppies need. I was scared, already feeling stressed & it went against every logical bone in my body (There really aren't that many,but still...). I chose the smallest dog, an Imperial Shih Tzu. She is now at 5 lbs and will likely stay that size. To sum it up, she has helped us laugh, and has brought great joy to our home. She is a great cuddler but definitely has a wild side which is a lot of fun. Ellie has no clue that she is so small as she is ready to take on any dog....and in this way she mirrors our efforts. She is now sleeping next to me probably dreaming of what is possible, with no regards to obstacles and limited only by her imagination. Try this sometime, it works. 
Good Night everyone. With sincere gratitude,
Edibell and Todd Stone