Stone Circle Of Friends
The BIG Event and Your Time to Shine

Were you among the 350 people who attended last years' Stone Circle of Friends's gala?

2009 GalaIf you did, I know you had a good time! I am a bit prejudiced but I have never watched such a diverse group of people having so much fun together.  We were able to donate $82,000 from that event directly to UVA's MMD lab, where new developments are happening every day because of you! Yes, you.

Maybe you bought one ticket, maybe you bid on a silent auction item, maybe you loved the diamond bracelet soooooo much that you bought 29 Mystery Jewelry boxes, maybe you danced the salsa for the first time- your energy, enthusiasm, good will and generosity made it an event I will never forget....and to be honest not sure we can top. But let's try!!!!

Join us again for another unforgettable night....this time with a larger silent auction, another beautiful bracelet for our Mystery Box, and an art-deco gallery of tablescapes by 20 local interior designers, a very fun interactive martini bar and a menu that will delight your taste buds until early morning. To purchase your ticket(s) go to

See you there!

Edibell Stone
Co-founder of Stone Circle of Friends
Irish Festival
Irish Festival

We had a great time volunteering this past weekend at the Irish Festival.
The festival will donate funds to MMD research in exchange for our volunteer was work but it was also FUN!

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Emmie Lacy... Hillary Hogan...Coles Lacy...  Jacque Cherry... Larry Hogan... Marilyn Pendlebury... Jason Biniasz... Gretchen Reid... Guillermo Villard... Christian & Rodney Williams... Tawheed Haroon... Erica Sabol... Grant Kibler... Christopher Lee... Kathleen McCarthy... David Reams... Claire Cardwell... Sara Miller... Kirsten Burt... Mark Fleckenstein... Rebecca Herbig... Nicole Lowe... Amy Rolley....Thomas Wildberger... Sara Via
Ukrop's Golden Gift Program

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this opportunity to help us. Ukrops will give up to $8,000 if I turn in enough points. Last yearUkrops we received over $1,200!

Thanks and happy shopping...
March Dinner to honor our Gala Volunteers, Designers and Sponsors

IpanemaThe UVA Office of Development is hosting a dinner party at Ipanema Grill to honor all the gala workers, interior designers, and sponsors.

Dr. Mahadevan will come and speak in greater detail about his research, and demonstrate how our efforts are making a difference in his lab.
Watch for Stone Circle Story in the April issue of Richmond Magazine

Richmond magazine
Feel free to comment in writing to the editor.... this will help us extend the message for another month- helping us to tell folks about MMD, what we are doing  to expedite a treatment or a cure, and how they can get involved.

WTVR6Also watch the morning show on Channel 6 where Todd and Edibell will be interviewed and also listen to a possible interview with Jen Towner on 103.7. Both will be on MondayMix 103.7 April 20th. Again, feel free to email the station to share your thoughts and to say thanks.

Never underestimate the power of friendship...

Cale wrestlingCale Chesterman is beset with Myotonic Dystrophy, a disorder which results in a person's muscles wasting away. But, Cale wanted to get involved with wrestling. He almost never wins. For Cale, it's about learning the sport
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There is a fine line between telling too much and not enough... but I want to tell you about my boys.

There are just so many symptoms -speech, thinking, learning, coordination, problem solving, and many many more.

Nicholas is getting ready to go to middle school, we have looked at numerous private schools in Virginia but he does not qualify for a variety of reasons. We have researched home schooling using special education educators and Kids in Floridawe are now in the process of looking at the public schools program. I have had to sort of stop helping Nicholas with his work (which brakes my heart to let him fail) so that his public school will give him the most support that they can. I believe they are now seeing so many deficits that he will likely be placed in a small self contained classroom where he will feel comfortable (I hope). His academics will be blended with learning activities of daily living.

Elliott is 9 and in 3rd grade. His ability to pay attention, even to follow a conversation or simple command is very compromised. We are having a meeting tomorrow at the school to determine the best setting for him next year. It will likely not be at his school where he has so many friends and that breaks my heart too.

The truth is that I cannot explain the words chronic and progressive to them- how could anyone tell a child that they will only gets worse with time, no matter how hard they try?

So we are grieving on the one hand and pushing the research with the other, the latter being my passion and I can honestly say it is a great source of joy.

Peace to all of you-